Stable Video Diffusion

How to Deploy Stable Video Diffusion in Colab?

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Stable Video Diffusion produces much better videos than I anticipated, with significant subject variation and distortion-free visuals. Among AI video generation tools, its performance stands out.

Currently, its drawback is the resolution, only 1024x576. The video below doesn't use the HD feature, allowing you to experience the video quality.

Stable Video Diffusion Video Generation Speed

Currently, it's recommended to use Colab for deploying Stable Video Diffusion. With a Colab membership, using the A100 GPU, it takes 53 seconds to generate a 4-second video, while using the T4 GPU takes 7 minutes.

Stable Video Diffusion Video Generation Speed

First, Open the Colab Notebook Link

Colab Notebook Link

Next, Click the Play Icon to Run Different Cells

  • Cell 1: Setup

cell 1 setup

- Ignore any errors after running; it won't affect the generation. A green checkmark next to the play icon indicates completion.

cell 1 setup

  • Cell 2: Colab Hack for SVD

cell 2 Colab Hack for SVD

  • Cell 3: Download Weights

cell 3 Download weights

  • Cell 4: Load Model

cell 4 Load Model

  • Cell 5: Sampling Function

Cell 5: Sampling Function

  • Cell 6: Do the Run!

Cell 6: Do the Run

This is the final cell. After successful execution, you'll see a link. Clicking the link opens a webpage where you can happily upload images for generation. Remember, it supports only PNG format; convert other formats to PNG. The generated resolution is 1024x576, and images not in this aspect ratio will be automatically compressed.

Successfully Generated Video

Successfully Generated Video

The interface after video generation looks like the image. Remember to download and save the video. Advanced options generally don't need adjustment, as setting them too high may overload the GPU memory.

Advanced options