Stable Video Diffusion

How to install Stable Video Difussion?

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For those into AI drawing, Stable Diffusion is a familiar term.

Stable Diffusion image generator

Since Stability AI released Stable Diffusion (SD), it has gained a lot of popularity. Expanding its expertise in the image domain, Stability AI recently introduced Stable Video Diffusion. Now, you can create a video with just one image!

Installation Guide for Stable Video Diffusion

Stability AI has open-sourced two models:

  • SVD Model: Generates videos at a frame rate of 14 with a resolution of 576x1024.
  • SVD-XT Model: An upgraded version with finetuning, maintaining the resolution but capable of a frame rate of 25.

Reminder: To run Stable Video Diffusion on your local computer, you need a GPU with at least 20GB of memory.

Step 1: Download the Codebase

Click this link to download the codebase. download the codebase

Step 2: Set Up Python Environment

Python version needs to be 3.10 or higher due to third-party dependencies. We recommend creating a new environment using conda. creating a new environment using conda

Activate the environment and install the necessary dependencies. Activate the environment

Finally, install sgm by running it in the project's root directory. If you want to train the model, you'll also need to install sdata, but I won't cover that here due to my computer's configuration limitations. install sgm

Step 3: Model Download Links

After downloading the models, place them in the checkpoints directory.

Step 4: Run the Algorithm

You can use Streamlit to run the algorithm. Run the Algorithm